A Novel

by Toshiko Shoji Ito

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2005, 176 pages
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Her only crime was being born to Japanese parents in America. In Endure, Tomi is 17 and living a carefree life in Seattle when Japan attacks Pearl Harbor in 1941. Accused by the U.S. government of spying for the enemy, she and her family are forced to leave everything behind and travel from their home to a bleak outpost in south central Idaho — the Minidoka Relocation Center. Like many other Japanese families, they carry the burden of shame over their imprisonment. But Tomi's indomitable spirit prevails throught their ordeal.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: After leaving Minidoka Relocation Center in Idaho, Toshiko Shoji Ito journeyed to Toledo, Ohio, where she worked as a house girl. She later moved to the south side of Chicago, and her parents
joined her after being released from Minidoka. She worked in a variety of positions and received a beautician’s license in 1948. Soon after, Toshiko married Dave Ito, who had been in Company G, 442nd Regimental Combat Team. In 1956, the Itos drove from Illinois to California and settled there with their two sons and a daughter.
In 1973, Toshiko joined the staff at Citrus Community College in Azusa, California. She received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education and became head of the cosmetology department at Citrus.

Retirement has slowed the pace of Toshiko’s professional life but new projects and volunteer work now fill her time. This is her first novel.

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